Friday, June 21, 2013

Arizona Lavender Summer Festival

    A lavender farm in Arizona might seem about as likely as a cold day in July, but the fact remains that the Red Rock Ranch & Farm near Concho, Arizona does exist and its 130 acres of 45,000 lavender plants are about ready to explode into bloom again.  Mid-September is the second  blooming season for the 13 varieties of high-altitude, organic lavender, which is processed and shipped from this Arizona farm throughout the aroma-loving world.
    Ahh….the smell of lavender!  For lovers of this fragrance the smell brings a sense of relaxation, calmness and peace.  Lavender lotion, lavender oil and lavender potpourri all bring into the home a sense of well-being. 
     For over 2000 years this invigorating fragrance has been used for healing purposes. In addition, Christine and Mike Teeple, owners of the Red Rock Ranch & Farm, have even come up with a variety of recipes that use their lavender in the preparation of many culinary delights.
     Provence, France is the most famous location for the growing of lavender.  At an altitude of 6273 feet, this French area is the highest location in the world where lavender is grown.  Lavender grown at high altitudes possesses a higher ester content than lavender grown at lower altitudes.  The higher the ester content the more fragrant and the more valuable the lavender becomes for use in medicine and therapy.
     The Red Rock Ranch & Farm is located at an elevation of 6100 feet in the pristine air of the White Mountains making this Arizona lavender the second highest altitude lavender grown in the world.  The ecosystem and environment of this area of the White Mountains produce intensely fragrant lavender with a scent that lasts and lasts.
    Thirteen varieties of lavender are grown at the Red Rock Ranch.  French varieties include Provence and Grosso.  English lavender varieties include Royal Velvet, Buena Vista and Pink Melissa.  The growing and harvesting of all these varieties of lavender are done by hand.
    The ranch is also home to the lavender oil extraction process.  With a state-of-the-arts distillation system, 100% pure high altitude lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol are produced.  With the oils now extracted a myriad of commercial products are made using these well balanced, superior fragrances.  The lavender oils of the Red Rock Ranch are a favorite of aroma therapists from around the world.
    In addition to lavender, the Teeples grow a variety of organic vegetables and fruit on their land.  Their orchard consists of cherries, peaches, apricots, plums, pears and apples just to name a few.  At the large ramada by the ranch pond, guests are often treated to Mike’s grilling of freshly picked vegetables and are heard to exclaim, “My goodness, this taste is incredible!”
    The Red Rock Ranch & Farm is about 225 miles from Anthem and is located near Concho, Arizona.  The GPS coordinates are N34 29.806  W109 36.262.  For more information about this Arizona lavender farm visit  

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