Friday, February 6, 2015

Pinnacle Peak Park

    In the northeast part of the Valley of the Sun stands a 4.1 billion year old pre-Cambrian, granite monolith, rising some 600 feet above the desert floor.  Pinnacle Peak is the name of this famous landmark.
    For centuries Pinnacle Peak has stood as a directional beacon for those who traveled across the harsh, Sonoran Desert landscape.  The Hohokam once established a village nearby whose purpose it was to provide salt for all their villages of the Valley.  Passengers in the 1880s, riding the ol’ concord stage from Prescott and Fort McDowell, gazed up at the boulder, covered summit as their “cradle on wheels” bounced by heading down the desert trail to the small farming community of Phoenix.
    As the Valley began to grow in the late 1960s, new homes began to move toward the ancient peak for the first time.  Concerned citizens started planning to preserve this special Valley landmark for all people.  Their efforts became a reality when Pinnacle Peak Park opened on April 20, 2002.
    A 3.5 roundtrip one-way hiking trail is the main attraction to this 150 acre desert park.  Interpretive signs are posted along the way to educate park visitors to the many Sonoran Desert plants found along the trail.  Rock climbing is allowed in three specific areas of the part, each having a different level of climbing difficulty. Grandview and Owls Rest lookouts provide resting areas for hikers with views that can only be described as spectacular!
Pinnacle Peak Park is located at 26802 North 102nd  Way in north Scottsdale some 17 miles from Anthem.  The GPS Coordinates of the park is N33 43.695 W111 51,611.  For information about the Pinnacle Peak Park visit their web site at

Pinnacle Peak

Visitor Center

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