Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"The Wickedest Town in the West"

    The good people of Jerome will be putting on the town's 50th Historic Home Tour shortly.  If you have never been to Jerome, or have not returned for some time, this will be a perfect event to rediscover for yourself the place once known as the "Wickedest Town in the West."
    Here is a press release from our friend Donna Chesler with all the details.  Hope you can make your way to Jerome for this wonderful event.

50th Annual Jerome Historic Home and Building Tour
May 16-17th, 2014
9:00AM-3:00PM for last ticket sales
928.634-2900 Jerome Chamber of Commerce
$20 adults/$10 Children/Not handicapped accessible.
The longest running home tour in Arizona boasts never before seen Historic and Significant homes in this Guided Tour through the mile high town’s back streets.

The Jerome Chamber of Commerce has begun planning the most talked about event of the year, The Jerome Historic Home and Building Tour, celebrating its 50th year.
Guests will have the comfort and the shelter of Spook Hall and enjoy entertainment and seats while waiting for the shuttle to begin this wonderful tour. Watch for more details in the weeks to come as the lineup of homes unfolds. Five homes are selected with 2 more to come. The Rosie Salas House was built in 1898 and has had a first class renovation using many local artisans to create a truly lovely home with huge views. The Paul Nonnast Home is in itself a work of art created by the late Jerome Artist who died in 2005. A student of Paolo Soleri and Arcosanti, Paul designed and lived in a unique studio and then built a main home on the mile high cliff of Jerome. For the first time, the public will get a glimpse of the incredible design of this talented artist. George and Lori Riley are completing a major exterior renovation of their 1990’s home that is perched above 89A. They have added terracing with rock walls, decks and a new studio to make this a remarkable stop on the tour. Stories from the old days in Jerome are abundant for this home as many locals have a long history with the property. The 1914 home of local furniture designer Tim McClellan is on the tour. Situated on the main road into town, this well built cottage is loaded with charm as well as furniture from Tim’s Western Heritage Furniture located right across the street. The Robinson home is a Victorian charmer with a turret that affords a view of the Jerome town from a very unique perspective.

Tickets will be sold online as well as the day of the event. It is most crowded in the morning so it is recommended to come in early afternoon for the least amount of waiting. Vans transport guests to each location where you can stay as long as you like. Get on the next van and proceed with the tour. It will take 2-4 hours to complete the tour depending on how long you spend at each stop. For more information, call The Jerome Chamber at 928.634.2900.

For more information about this press release, contact Donna Chesler at 928.301.3004 or

Here are a few examples as to what you will see...

Photo by Michael Thompson
The Rileys used only rocks found on their property to make this incredible wall.
The house is famous for a large hole on the property that was filled by dumping numerous cars and a boat in it to fill it up!

Photo by Michael Thompson
This Cottage built in 1914 will be on the tour It is owned by celebrity furniture designer Tim McClellan who recently was featured on Ellen’s Design Challenge.

Photo by Donna Chesler
The Robinson Victorian Home has one of the most interesting views of the mile high town from the charming cupola. Guests will be able to see this during the Home Tour so bring your camera!

Photo of The Rosie Salas House by Michael Thompson.

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