Sunday, May 28, 2017

#2 Deem Hills Recreational Area

Summary:   Deem Hills Recreational Area is one of the newer parks in the City of Phoenix (2010) that offers a variety of recreational activities in the Northwest Phoenix area.  The two hills that actually make up a recreational area of nearly 1000 acres are crisscrossed by five well maintained trails totaling some 14.5 miles in length.  An east and west trailhead allow access this recreational area. A large community park, open 5:30 am - 11:00 pm, is located at the West Trailhead and offers a children’s playground, a soccer field and a dog park.

Trail Map:

Why You Should Go:  Deem Hills Recreational Area is a close-by recreational site suitable for the entire family.  The mountain hillsides are covered with a large stand of saguaro cacti and typical Sonoran Desert vegetation with an extensive trail system that is ideal for hikers, mountain bikers, birders and photographers. The large, two section dog park will surely put a smile of the face of your favorite four-legged friend.

When: October - late May are the best months to visit.  Extreme heat of the summer months can make anytime but early morning hiking/biking outings potentially dangerous.

Insights:  Good shoes, sun screen, a wide-brimmed hat and a signaling device are always always recommended when visiting any desert area.  Be sure to take an adequate supply of water and tell someone where you are going before beginning any outing into the Sonoran Desert.

History: The mountains that make up the Deem Hills Recreational Area are composed of Precambrian Era granite and Tertiary Period basalt.  The black boulders of basalt are actually the remains of 1.6 million year old lava flows from volcanos in the Flagstaff area that broke through the earth’s surface here.  Many other mountains of black basalt are found along the I-17 corridor today, all created by the many ancient volcanos of northern Arizona.
    The name for the recreational area comes from Dennis and Carl Deem who in 1922 began homesteading 160 acres of desert land just to the southwest of the hills that now carry their family name.    


Phone: 602-495-6939

Address: West Trailhead - 5050 W. Andrea Lane near 51st Avenue and Deem Hills Parkway;  East Trailhead - 27500 N. 39th Ave.

Cost:  free

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