Sunday, April 29, 2018

Saguaros Are Blooming Again!

       It is that time of year when our magnificent saguaro cacti are blooming again.  Here are just a few of our first 2018 pictures of Arizona's Sentinels of the Desert!
April 25, 2018 A

April 25, 2018 B

April 25, 2018 C

Here are a few of our favorite saguaro blooms from years past...

Notice the drop of saguaro nectar

Remember, we have placed all of our photos found on this blog into Public Domain so that teachers anywhere in the world can use them in their teaching.  We only ask that you give us photo credit - Linda and Dr. Dick Buscher


  1. Hello Mr. Buscher,
    Thank you for continuing to education others through your blog. Although I do not live in AZ, it is a beautiful place that I have visited from time to time. I found your blog and glad I did. Now I have first- hand knowledge of places and history from locals that enjoy similar things as I do; photography, nature, learning and the great outdoors. Thanks for keeping me informed about happenings in AZ. The next time I travel through your state, I will be equipped with an arsenal of information of things to do and see, making my adventures more interesting and fulfilling. I love the pictures of the saguaro blooming. My first view of a saguaro flower! Thoughts that came to mind when I viewed the pictures are; "Do these flowers have a scent?" and "What does the nectar taste like?"
    Finally, thank you for coming to Lincoln elementary in 1969 to teach me during your first year there and my last. You were an amazing teacher then and continue to be, extending your love of knowledge to others outside the classroom.
    Thank you for continuing to teach me and others about life and life science.
    Be well,
    Tamie Morton (Kennedy)