Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Desert Escape - Carlsbad, California

     OK, we admit that there are times that we feel the need to leave our beloved desert and get recharged from the world found only at the ocean.  Over the past few years we have discovered Carlsbad, CA and have come to enjoy the many fun, educational and relaxing opportunities we’ve discovered in this beach town just 40 miles north of San Diego.  Home of Legoland (which we have yet to visit) as well as flower fields, orchid farms, historic missions and endless opportunities for dining.  So, here we were last week, making that 6½-hour drive once again to live with some cool weather and ocean breezes for a few days before another Arizona summer becomes our daily reality.
    Because this was Ms. Gypsy’s first out-of-state trip as well as her first visit to the ocean, we could not stay where we usually stay while in Carlsbad, the Beach Terrace Inn.  We  had to find a new place to stay that would take a 3 pound Yorkie and we found a gem - the Seashore on the Sand Beachfront Hotel.
     Our well kept and clean room was on the 3rd floor - Room 302 to be exact.  The bedroom sliding door opens to a small patio which meant the ocean waves broke within 20 yards of our patio.  Aw - sleeping all night with the sliding door ajar as the waves crashed below - quite heavenly for us desert dwellers!  Norine and her staff are welcoming and great hosts; here is a link to the hotel’s website - http://seashoreonthesand.com/.  Here too is a link to the hotel live webcam - http://seashoreonthesand.com/live-webcam-carlsbad/.
     As with all the beachfront hotels in Carlsbad, the Seashore on the Sand is located within walking distance of the quaint, historic and welcoming downtown Carlsbad.  We discovered a new restaurant that we would surely recommend called the Naked Cafe.  Here is their link - http://www.thenakedcafe.com/
    We have posted a few pictures below of photos that we took from our patio, and of some of the local events we enjoyed while there last week.  So, if you are looking outside of Arizona for a great place in a great location with great accommodations right on the ocean, let us suggest you check our Carlsbad and the Seashore on the Beachfront Hotel.  This is our fourth trip to Carlsbad and we are planning to return very soon.   Hope you enjoy our “Out of Arizona “ pictures!

Seashore on the Sand, Carlsbad, CA

Sunset, May 3, 2012 - taken from our 3rd floor patio.

Sunset, May 4, 2012

Sunset, May 5, 2012

Surfer #1 from our patio

Surfer #2 from our patio

Surfer's "wipe-out" from our patio

Mission San Diego

Inside the Mission San Diego

Ms. Gypsy finding her Irish side

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA

Cup of Gold - Solandra maxima

Orchid from the Cal Pacific Orchid Farm

Orchid #2

Orchid #3


  1. These are such awesome photos! I have always wanted to live on the west coast and I finally am putting those dreams into action. I have a Arizona property management working with me to find a place out there. I can't wait to take photos like these, thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. we could not stay where we usually stay while in Carlsbad, WHERE TO FIND THE BEST BURGERS IN CARLSBAD