Thursday, November 13, 2014

"The Last Full Measusre..." - Veterans Day 2014

     Arizonans long ago formally commemorated the sacrifices made by thousands of its citizens during the ten plus years of conflict in Vietnam with the dedication of the state’s official Vietnam Veterans Memorial on November 9, 1985.  Located near the state capital in Wesley Bolin Plaza, this moving memorial is the work of famous sculptor Jasper d’Ambrosi.
    Here on this small plot of Arizona “holy ground” are engraved on 10 columns of polished black granite the names of 613 Arizonans who “gave their last full measure” or who were missing in action in Vietnam.  The ten, tablets of honor encircle a larger-than-life statue of three struggling, American soldiers who exemplify the brotherhood and courage that bond all Vietnam War veterans.
    The non-profit In-County Vietnam Veterans Association sponsors an annual Vietnam Remembrance Day at this memorial the last Sunday of April close to the anniversary of the 1975 fall of Saigon.
    The Arizona Vietnam Veterans Memorial is one of thirty-two monuments found in Wesley Bolin Plaza which acts as Arizona’s “national mall”.  Open every day of the year, Wesley Bolin Plaza is where the monuments to Arizona’s heroes reside for all citizens to walk among, learn and remember.

Vietnam War Memorial at Wesley Bolin Plaza