Sunday, December 23, 2018

Tucson: An Ancient and Honorable Pueblo - Post 1

       In the early 2000s when we were “hot and heavy” into our writing and teaching about Arizona, we, along with our friends, Teresa and Ken Jackway, began to write a book dealing with the history of Tucson.  Our hope was to publish this book but even though we got the book 98% completed, publication never occurred - all that work and no one ever got to read or learn from our efforts.
    So, we have decided to share our Tucson book here on our blog. Some of the introduction pages were not completed and will be left out; 81 pages were completely/ mostly finished with text, graphs, pictures and drawings.    Our drawings were made by a young Joel Contreras who has grown to become a very successful real estate man in the Valley of the Sun.  We will post 10 pages at a time so the entire book will require 8 posting .  As with all the materials found on our blog, we place this book into public domain and especially encourage teachers interested in Arizona’s amazing history to use the information for the kids in their classrooms.  We give teachers the right to duplicate any and all pages of this book and only ask that they acknowledge our credit as:

Credit:  Teresa & Ken Jackway/Linda & Dr. Dick Buscher

    We With that, here finally is the first 10 pages of Tucson: An Ancient and Honorable Pueblo.  We hope you learn from and enjoy reading it.

Tucson: An Ancient and Honorable Pueblo - Post 2

Here are pages 16 - 25 which tells the story of the Spanish Era in the Old Pueblo and one of the "Wild Geese of Ireland"  Hugo O'Connor...

Tucson: An Ancient and Honorable Pueblo - Post 3

Here are pages 26 - 35.  Now you will learn about Mark Aldrich - one very influential man of the 1850s.

Tucson: An Ancient and Honorable Pueblo - Post 4

Here are pages 36 - 45.  You will learn of the famous Tucson Wishing Well...

Tucson: An Ancient and Honorable Pueblo - Post 5

Here are pages 46 - 55 - these pages explain why the University of Arizona is in Tucson...