Friday, October 26, 2018

Teotihuacan - Where Men Become Gods

    We just submitted our 120th story for the website LiveScience -  One of our recent stories dealt with the amazing ancient city in the Valley of Mexico known as Teotihuacan.  Here is a link to that story -   If you are interested in learning more about the ancient city of Teotihuacan, here a great website from UNESCO - and a few pictures from our visit.  Remember, this city was built by people who did not have steel tools nor a domesticated animal bigger than a dog.  Their skills were beyond amazing!

Quetzalcoatl  - The Plumed Serpent

Avenue of the Dead

Temple of Quetzalcoatl

Pyramid of the Moon

Closer view of Pyramid of the Moon

Pyramid of the Sun

Ancient painting

Another view of the Pyramid of the Sun

Looking down the Avenue of the Dead with Pyramid of Sun on the right and Pyramid of the Moon at the far end.