Teacher Stuff #3

Linda & Dr. Dick Buscher
1.  The earth:_______________Globe____________

2.  Tablelands:________________Mesa__________

3.  Memorial to the dead:______Tombstone________

4.  Burned wood residue & an eating implement:__Ashfork

5.  Better than others:____________Superior______

6.  Former President:____Coolidge, Clinton, Roosevelt, Taylor

7.  Big House:_______Casa Grande___________

8.  Antonyms of lose and fast:____Winslow________

9.  Beam of light:_________Ray_______________

10.  Woman’s name:_Sedona, Florence, Winona, Anita, Tracy, Ruby__

11.  Frozen vapor:______Snowflake____________

12.  Celebrated cemetery:_______Arlington________

13.  Sacred annual festival:______Christmas_______

14.  Makers of laws:_________Congress___________

15.  Fabulous bird:__________Phoenix____________

16.  A number and male child:________Tucson______

17.  Dry grass and a lair:______Hayden___________

18.  Narrow valley and a vale:_____Glendale________

19.  Past tense of dig and a girl:___Douglas________

20.  Part of “business” & a useful insect:___Bisbee___

21.  A very wise king:__________Salomon_________

22.  The Chief Justice (1963):___Warren__________

23.  Hero of Manila:_______Dewey______________

24.  A high, steep rock & a measure of weight:___Clifton__

25.  A tribe of Indians:__Pima, Apache, Navajo_____

26.  A boy’s name & a rooster:_____Willcox_______

27.  A deer and an orb:_______Buckeye_________

28.  A ruler and a male:_______Kingman ________

29.  A banner and a pole:_____Flagstaff ________

30.  A pit and a small stream:___Holbrook, Cave Creek_____

31.  Past tense of meet & a little cow:___Metcalf____

32.  A source of water & 2000 pounds:____Welton____

33.  Spanish for garlic:_____Ajo___________

34.  What we hope for each new year:_Goodyear___

35.  A fiber and a fuel:___Cottonwood__________

36.  A sack and a father:______Bagdad________

37.  A ship’s outfitter:___Chandler___________

38.  Heavenly place between two hills:__Paradise Valley, Moon Valley

39.  Unbranded calf:___Maverick____________

40.  Indian belt:____Concho________________

41.  When you give a male child an allowance__Payson_

42.  Prefix to a Scottish name & not any:___McNary____

43.  To win a card game you must:____Showlow______

44.  Dancer:_____________Salome__________

45.  Good in golf and a mongrel:__Parker________

46.  Lit by heavenly body & an incline:__Sunnyslope__

47.  You and your mother:______Yuma________

48.  Chief official of a town___Mayor________

49.  Unexpected:______Surprise__________

50.  To ask for payment & a container:___Duncan__

51.  A tree and a summit:_____Pinetop________

52.  Lunar hollow:______Moon Valley_________

53.  To ask a question:_____Why____________

54.  Foot attire:____Moccassin_____________

55.  Opposite of old and rural:___Youngtown___

56.  Musical instrument & urban area:__Tuba City_

57.  One of the 3 stooges and a bird:__Mohawk__

58.  Cupid’s letter:______Valentine__________

59.  Him and what you say when you are cold:_Heber

60.  What horses eat and a grown boy:__Oatman_

61.  A famous boxer and a water hole:_Clay Springs, Clay Pool, Rock Springs.

62.  Boiling water vapor & a kind
             of water transportation:______Steamboat____

63.  A kind of tree and a place to swim:_Cedar Springs, Willow Beach, Oak Creek, Ash Creek, Peach Springs

64.  Opposite of old and big stream:__New River_____

65.  A boy’s name and a bunny:______Jackrabbit_____

66.  Opposite of white and a big stream:__Black River__

67.  Opposite of sit and 2000 pounds:___Stanton____

68.  King’s wives and the opposite of sick:__Queen’s Well____

69.  Opposite of bride and a small stream:__Groom Creek___

70.  A small mountain & opposite of bottom:_____Hilltop___

71.  What an iron does & a boy’s name:_____Prescott____

72.  A kind of pickle & Spanish for “with”:___Dilkon_____

73.  Tall yellow grass & a boat that
                       takes you across a river:_____Hayden__

74.  Biblical person & a body of water:__Jacob Lake___

75.  Spanish for pretty:____Bonita______________

76.  Pottery and you swim in it:__Claypool_________

77.  Antonym of winter & 2000 pounds:__Sommerton_

78.  The man who said, “Please don’t
                                  squeeze the charmin”:_Whipple_

79.  Antonyms of queen and king:______Kingman___

80.  Thanksgiving dinner & antonym of round:_Turkey Flat_

81.  Lumber and sound that a dog makes:_Woodruff__

82.  A man’s name and a tree:_______Alpine_______

83.  A man’s name and a father’s boy:__Benson, Johnson_

84.  A carnival & where you keep money:__Fairbank__

85.  Something to eat & where it grows:_Cornfield, Dateland

86.  Something on your lawn that keeps
          you busy & a former Phx. TV weather man:__Grasspopper__

87.  Air conditioning opening & a girl’s name:__Ventana___

88.  A number and what you do when sad:__Tuweep____

89.  Another word for when your head and
         the depression between two mountains:__Skull Valley

90.  A color & what a pine tree produces:_Whitecone___

91.  A weeping tree & something along the ocean:___Willow Beach__

92.  Opposite of sad & a fox’s name:________Gladen__

93.  A ball of fire and your father:_________Sundad_

94.  Something out in space
                     and the opposite of stop:_____Stargo__

95.  A piece of hair that stands up:____Cowlic______

96.  A valuable mineral and a street:__Gold Road____

97.  Tall tale and a letter:_______Yarnell________

98.  Spectacle on western horizon:___Sunset_____

99.  Teepee:__________Wigwam_____________

100.  Holy toilets:____St. Johns_____________

101.  A place where you don’t have to worry:___Carefree

102.  The middle of everything:___Central______

103.  A valuable mineral and a street:__Gold Road__

104.  This town is named after a man
                             with a knife:_____Bowie______

105.  Young Washington would have liked it here:___Cherry_

106.  The first man plus “an”:______Adaman________

107.  A hole in a mountain & a stream:__Cave Creek___

108.  The gentle bear & an offspring:_____Benson___

109.  A king’s house near warm water:__Castle Hot Springs_

110.  Hot water in Spanish:__Agua Caliente_____

111.  An ore plue mountain fountains:__Iron Sprngs_

112.  Davy Crockett would have fought here:__Alamo__

113.  Where the judge stays between trials:__Chambers_

114.  The devil lives here:_____Hotville__________

115.  Cold water in Spanish:___Agua Fria_________

116.  A Halloween gourd & the middle:__Pumpkin Center

117.  Opposite of a bad loss:__Goodwin____

118.  When things look bad all you can do is:_Hope___

119.  A happy intersection:___Friendly Corner___

120.  Not quite 12 miles & an edge:____Eleven Mile Corner

121.  A very rich street:___Gold Road____

122.  The recluse sleeps here:_____Hermit’s Rest

123.  He bought the whole area from
                      the Mexicans:____Gadsden___

124.  Am I seeing things?__El Mirage_____

125.  Make a tune with your mouth closed
                         and nuts and:___Humbolt__

126.  The rustler’s wash pan:_Horsethief Basin_

127.  Parachutists say it:__Geronimo_________

128.  Where newlyweds go:__Honeymoon_____

129.  You can’t aim without it:__Gunsite_____

130.  The monster turns:_Dragoon, Gild Bend_

131.  A shelter by the sea:____Cove__

132.  Two heads in Spanish:_Dos Cabezas___

133.  Columbus never made it here:____Christopher Creek

134.  A “maize” town:___Cornville_______

135.  Meet that young lady by the water:____Date Creek_

136.  Put it on the ruler’s head:____Crown King____

137.  I am willing, able and:_Ready_____________

138.  Not so warm pasture:___Luke Field_______

139.  Don’t let it get under your saddle:_____Cocklebur_

140.  Truman beat him:__________Dewey______

141.  The top of the capital building:___Dome___

142.  A group of heavenly bodies:__Constellation_

143.  The giant cactus:___Sahuaro__________

144.  A red gem:_____Ruby_____________

 145.  A guard:___Sentinel______________

146.  Her majesty’s stream:__Queen Creek________        

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