Favorite Pictures Of Our Lives

Wanted a place to post some of our favorite pictures of our lives.  So this will be a random set of pictures that have good memories.  Hope you enjoy seeing us when even we were younger. 

On our way to Phantom Ranch on the Kaibab Trail Fall 1983
Resting on the Bright Angel Trail Fall 1983

March 1985 in Mexico - My favorite picture of us.
Cabo San Lucus, Mexico June 1990
Outstanding American School Award, Washington D.C. Sept 1988
Loving a Koala, Australia 1997
Flying over the Alaskan glaciers - June 1992
Enjoying Hawaii - Summer 1985

In a field of flowers at LBJ Ranch, Texas Spring 1996
Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China March 2002
Father Kino's Tomb, Magdelena, Sonora, Mexico March 1996
Leopard Hills Safari, Kruger National Park, South Africa June 2005
Shrine of Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico City June 1999
Andrea, our pilot, flies us to Leopard Hills, Kruger NP, S. Africa June 2005
Riding bikes off volcano Halaeakala, Maui, Hawaii June 1990
"Hello" from San Francisco August 1983
Niles McGinnis shows us Dublin, Ireland August 2008
Hiking a mountain known then as Squaw Peak Spring 1983
Lands End, Cabo San Lucus, Mexico June 1989
Teotihuacan, Mexico June 1999
Cape of Good Hope, South Africa June 2005
On safari at Leopard Hills, Kruger NP, S. Africa June 2005
With Senator John McCain September 1988
March 13, 1987 - 40th Birthday in Wickenburg
Our high school senior pictures
El Capitan, Rocky Point, Mexico January 2005
London, England July 2008
Stonehenge, England August 2008
Yellowstone River June 2003
Hawaiian Luau June 1986
Wedding Day - August 20, 1994
Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa June 2005
Formal Picture 1994
Climbing Humphreys Peak August 21, 1989
Martin Luther King, Jr. Award January 1999
On our way to Havasupai - Nov. 1984

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