Pet Friendly Arizona

My name is Gypsy.  Follow me as I discover Arizona and all those other places that my humans take me!
    Hi!  My name is Gypsy and I am traveling Arizona with my humans to find those places that are pet friendly.  Check back often to see what I  have discovered!

      March 16, 2012 - Today I started to find and learn about this Arizona.  My humans, Linda and Dr. Dick, packed up our SUV (whose name is Rudy) and down the rode we went.  I heard them say that we had to go through Tucson and then back to Oracle.  I wasn't sure what that meant, so I just laid in my special car-cave and slept.
    After a couple of naps, Rudy came to a stop at a tree covered place called the Triangle L Ranch.  I was worried about where I was going to sleep until I saw Dr. Dick bring in my blue fold-up pen from home.  Mom brought one of my beds from home as well so I was all set for my first night away from home.
    I discovered that the nice lady who owned the Triangle L Ranch was an artist.  She had taken some old buildings and turned them into her art galleries.  It was pretty neat and oh my, the new smells,  Since I am not ever too far off the ground, my nose was a humming, sniffing here and sniffing there.  Pretty neat!
    Dad left early that first morning to go someplace called the Biosphere 2.  Mom said that the Biosphere 2 did not allow dogs inside so she and I had to stay at the Triangle L.  Dad came back in a few hours and then off we went in Rudy again to explore the places around Oracle and north Tucson. 
     After one more night sleeping in my blue pen, we got up the next morning and I got to go with everyone to eat breakfast.  Because I am so small, dad just holds me on his lap quite often.  Sure was hard eating a dog biscuit while everyone else got to eat bacon.  Oh well, it was nice just being with mom and dad and not being left alone.
     All of a sudden dad starts packing up Rudy again and before I know it we are going back down the road.  I hear mom ask, "how long before we get home?" so I think we are going back home.
    I had a great time on my first attempt to try and find this Arizona.  The Triangle L Ranch was very "unique" and I love all the "ooos and ahhs" I get when people see and meet me.  I hope we get to go on more of these adventure, but for now, I think I will take a nap as we head back home!

     Wow!  We're going to California - whatever that means!  All I know is that Rudy is packed full, my little blue-pen is all folded up, and I am back in my center "seat"  on my way to California.  It is probably just one quick nap away from home!
    Oh my gosh!  We have been in the car for foooooooorever!  Mom and dad keep getting me out of my "seat" and asking me if I had to go potty - what's with that?  Never seen these places before and I finally did my thing on something very green that they called grass.  I had never seen grass before; neat stuff and has lots of interesting smells.
    After what seemed like a whole day, Rudy finally came to a stop. When Rudy's door opened, the air was cool and smelled really  unusual - sort of like the fish I sometime eat with my hard, crunchy dinners.  The cool air really felt good.
     I heard dad tell mom that we were in Carlsbad, CA.  My little blue-pen was brought into our room at the Seashore on the Sand, the neat place we stayed. 
     There was something very strange about this Carlsbad place - some rumbling noise that seemed to go and go.  When we got into our room, I looked out the windows and there was the biggest pond of water I had ever seen.  I learned it was called the ocean and it really made a crashing noise right under our patio.  But, wow, was it great sleeping with that noise going on and on and on all night long.  I think I slept better here than anyplace (except when I am at home in mom and dad's room).
    I got to do some pretty neat things in this Carlsbad place.  I walked in huge fields of flowers, smelled dozens of orchids, went to the nation's largest street fair and visited the Mission of San Diego.  I saw lots of other dogs; all of them bigger than me - what else is new?
    I had a great time in Carlsbad, CA.  Dad says we will return in the fall.  I can't wait!

     May 22, 2012 - Check out who was in front of our neighbor's house this morning at 6:15 am.  Glad I was with dad.  He took these pictures!  He said his name was Bob-something.  We live in a very exciting neighborhood!  Don't think I will go outside by myself!

July 24, 2012

     "On the Road Again..."  Yes, after being home for a few weeks we were off again for a day road-trip to a place called Prescott.  I met Sister Lisa for the first time.  She is visiting us before she goes to someplace called Rome.
     One of the great things about this road-trip was I didn't have to ride in Rudy for too long.  Our first stop was at Lynx Lake.  I had never seen a lake before and it was really nice.  The temperatures was so cool compared to home and I heard that ol' thunder sound again.  I got to eat some cut-up KFC with my regular puppy food and that is always yummy!
     Next we go to go to a place that dad called "The Dells".  Now that was a strange looking place and was sort of scary when all the people decided to make me sit on a big rock.  The rock was OK, but sitting alone still makes me a little scared so I did the best I could.  Then, all this wet stuff started falling from the sky.  It was rain and everyone was so excited that we got wet from this cool stuff!  I like rain!
    Next we drove into someplace called downtown.  I got to get out of Rudy and walk around on that amazing green stuff called grass.  I really like grass.  It tickles my belly and there are soooooooo many smells that I just love!
     If you have never been to Lynx Lake or the Prescott Dells, I would suggest you go.  The weather is so much cooler and they both are very beautiful.  Look at my pictures of our outing! 
Here I am at Lynx Lake patiently waiting for my KFC.  Sure hope they hurry up!

That was a very scary rock!

The Dells - aren't they pretty?

Rain!  Glorious rain!

January 1, 2015

Hi!  Dad hasn't posted pictures of me lately; been too busy posting about Arizona.  But, since his last post I have flown on a jet airliner, experienced the Mighty 5 National Parks of Utah, explored central and northern California, traveled to Oregon and been all over Arizona.  So, here are a group of pictures of my life, my toys, my friends and my travels over the past 3 years.  Happy New Year to all!     Ms. Gypsy

Coming home in mom's arms on Jan. 28, 2012

I had to learn to sleep in a bed

Exploring our back yard in my new green jacket on a cool March 2012 morning

I do like naps!

Me and my monkey friend - May 13, 2012

Learning to travel in the car - May 2012

Can't quite see

I graduated from Puppy Training School on May 24, 2012

Me with my long hair style and "Little Pig"

July 21, 2012

My BALL -my most favorite toy in all the world!

Picture with some scary guy - Dec. 2, 2012

Just chillin' - March 6, 2013

With mom & dad in Carlbad, CA.  My first time to see the ocean - March, 2013

With mom at Tortilla Flats, AZ on March 13, 2013

With dad at Roosevelt Dam, AZ - March 13, 2013

At the Briar Patch Inn along Oak Creek in Sedona, AZ - Ap. 2013

Traveling around Sedona - Ap. 2013

On the porch at Nillawood w/ our Jackway friends in Greer, AZ-June 2013

Hiking w/ mom & Teresa along the Little Colorado River, Springerville, AZ-June 2013

Nap time!  July 2013

Marble Canyon Bridge, Marble Canyon, AZ - May 13, 2013

Cliff Dwelling, AZ-May 13, 2013

Eating w/ mom in Springdale, UT while visiting Zion National Park

W/ dad at a ghost town near Zion National Park, UT-May 13, 2013

In a slot at Arches National Park, UT - May 22, 2013

Canyonland National Park, UT with mom -May 23, 2013

Many people like to hold me - here at the Hampton Inn, Kayente, AZ-May 25, 2013

Me and dad at Big Lake, AZ-June 25, 2013

Relaxing on the porch at a cabin in Strawberry, AZ-July 19, 2013

Walking with my very best friend, Sophie,  I just love that big gal!

On the porch in Little Bear, CA with mom-Sept. 7, 2013

Relaxing in Little Bear with a new chew bone

I like being a California girl - Sept. 9, 2013

With dad at the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA Sept 9, 2013

We found Big Foot in Bandon, OR!!! -Sept. 14, 2014

Traveling does make me tired; nap time in Bandon, OR-Sept.16, 2016

Our annual Christmas walk - Dec. 22, 2013

I got a new sweeter for Christmas - Dec. 25, 2013

Spending Valentines Day 2014 in Payson, AZ

With dad at Goldwater Lake, Prescott, AZ-March 13, 2914

My first plane flight-whew!  May 28, 2014 - Palm Springs, CA

Standing between the Pacific & North American Continental Plates near Palm Springs, CA-May 30, 2014

A closer look at our "unique" location

Enjoying some Arizona sunshine in June 2014

Yikes!  I got clipped!!  July 20, 2014

Napping in my dog bed - July 22, 2014

Hangin' in the bean-bag chair - July 22, 2014

At the Bristle Cone Pine Preserve near Big Pine, CA with the stump of a 3200 year old tree that died in 1676 - Wow!  August 2014

With mom at a store in Lake Tahoe, CA-Aug 2014

With dad at Donner Lake, CA - August 2014

I just love the luxury of hotel living - Sacrament, CA- August. 2014

At Morro Bay, CA with dad on August 31, 2014

Exploring with dad in San Simeon, CA-Sept. 2014

Go Irish!   October 2014

I really don't like Halloween - Oct. 31, 2014

I love Thanksgiving - Nov. 2014

Dad and me at a Dinosaur Cave Park in Pismo Beach, CA - Dec. 2014

I don't do well poising for pictures - Avila Valley Barn, CA-Dec. 2014

I hate PJs with legs - Dec. 2014

Me & dad and some really green guy - Dec. 18, 2014

Merry Christmas - 2014


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