Saturday, March 5, 2016

Looking For A Unique Vacation?

    In the far northern region of Arizona one of man’s most spectacular adjustments to the beauty of Mother Nature took place back in 1956 with the initial construction of a great concrete dam across the Colorado River at place known as Glen Canyon.  It was one of the most controversial of dam projects in the American West with legendary author Edward Abby becoming an environmental icon with the publishing of his anti-dam book, The Monkey Wrench Gang.
    Over a period of 17-years the great dam slowed the flow of river water and slowly created the second largest and arguably the most beautiful lake in the world - Lake Powell.  Lake Powell, named after the famous explorer John Wesley Powell, is 186 miles long and straddles the Arizona/Utah state lines.  The sapphire blue water creates over 1,960 miles of red sandstone shoreline for lake visitors to enjoy and explore.
    Maybe the most unique and wonderful ways to explore Lake Powell is by renting a state-of-the-arts houseboat complete with all the luxury and comfort of a home.  These houseboats can be equipped with flat screen TV with satellite reception, queen size beds, hot tubs, waterslides and more.  The houseboats of Lake Powell are very special and an exceptional experience for the whole family.
    There are a variety houseboat vendors on Lake Powell but the largest and our favorite is Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas.  These good folks will make your houseboat vacation a memory you will cherish for a lifetime.  -
    You don’t know how to drive a houseboat you say?  Well the captains of Lake Powell Resorts and Marina  will teach you during one of their 6-hour “Houseboat 101” classes.  In fact, they are preparing for a series of these houseboat training seminars beginning in mid-April.  These folks know their boats and they know this lake which will insure for you a fabulous experience.  -
    Lake Powell is another of those incredibly beautiful places that so bless all of Arizona.  The moonless night sky above Lake Powell is so dark and so full of stars that you can actually see star light reflecting off the calm surface of the lake. 
    So why not do something a little different but no less luxurious for a 2016 vacation by discovering Lake Powell on a houseboat?  Get out and enroll in that “Houseboat 101” class and let your whole family experience the “awe” in the grandeur that is Lake Powell.  

All Pictures belong to - Aramark