Sunday, April 1, 2012

March blooming saguaro - what?

We've been watching saguaros for over 40 years but have never, ever, ever seen a saguaro bloom in March - until yesterday.  At the intersection of the Carefree Highway and 27th Avenue was this amazing saguaro in full blooming mode on March 31st.  Now the Carefree Highway is located in the far northern part of the Valley of the Sun, probably no more than 40 miles from the northern limits of the Sonoran Desert.  For this saguaro, in this the far northern part of the Sonoran Desert to be blooming in March, well "times they surely must be changing!"

March 31, 2012 @ Carefree Highway & 27th Avenue

March 31,2012 - Who would think it could happen- A saguaros blooming in the month of March?

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