Thursday, July 19, 2012

Apple Annie's

     We love Apple Annie's!  Yep!  It is true!  This wonderful family farm just outside of Willcox, Arizona is one very special place and such an enjoyable experience for all ages who love to be on a working farm.  It is peach season at Apple Annie's and from now till Thanksgiving, this Arizona farm will be having one special celebration after another.  So, why not plan a trip to southeastern Arizona and visit for yourself Apple Annie's.  Here is their link -

    Here is our story we wrote in October 2007 for the Apple Annie's Pumpkin Festival.  The picture of the apple sign is our; the other pictures belong to Apple Annie's!

     Even in Arizona there are places where the autumn harvest still magically plays out.  And right before ol’ Jack Frost returns to paint his frosty designs on harvested pumpkin fields and apple trees, Apple Annie’s Orchard in Willcox, Arizona will again host its annual Fall Pumpkin Celebration.  An October weekend visit to this Arizona farm, where the sights, smells and sounds of the annual fall harvest still occur, is well worth the effort and guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of the young and the old alike. 
    Willcox, Arizona is located in the Sulphur Spring Valley of southeastern Arizona some 240 miles from Anthem.  Founded as a railroad town in 1880, Willcox soon became the agricultural and cattle center for this part of Arizona.  At an elevation of 4167 feet, the local climate makes Willcox an ideal fruit and vegetable-growing region of Arizona.
    Apple Annie’s Orchard has made their farming business into an old-fashion family-fun adventure for the people of Arizona who choose to visit.  Since 1986 Apple Annie’s Orchards has specialized in growing tree-ripened apples, pears, Asian pears and peaches.  In 2003 their farm expanded and now grows farm-fresh sweet corn, chilies, tomatoes, squash and pumpkins.
    The Fall Pumpkin Celebration allows families to enjoy the old autumn tradition of picking ones own pumpkins, fall vegetables and apples.  A $3.00 fee gets you a hay-wagon ride to the pumpkin patch where children of all ages can pick their very own, unique and special pumpkin.  Of course, pumpkins, apples and vegetables are also available at the friendly farm pumpkin stand.
    Apple Annie’s Orchard is open to the public from late June – October.  Four months of family-friendly activities are made available including the Sweet Corn Extravaganza, the Peach Mania, Farmer John’s Birthday Party and the Apple Harvest Celebration.  Without a doubt Apple Annie’s Orchard is a place for the entire family to visit and enjoy! 

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