Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Northwestern Arizona Road Trip

    There are 3,928 mountain peaks and summits in Arizona and many of them are found around Flagstaff and west toward the Colorado River.  This is the part of Arizona where elevation varies from the highest mountain, Humphreys Peak in Flagstaff, to the low, dry desert lands along the Colorado River.  Autumn colors are certainly found in this part of Arizona and so too are some great destinations for a road trip.

    We recommend you be sure to see…

    - Harts Prairie Preserve.  Located on the north side of Humphreys Peak, this is the place where desert dwellers can rediscover the amazing colors of autumn.  Owned and operated by the Nature Conservancy, special Sunday tours are available through September 29!  For details about these tours call 928-774-8892 ext. 5.
    - The Snowbowl also offers the Scenic Chairlift ride to the “Top of Arizona” through mid-October.  The Scenic Chairlift is open Fridays – Sundays and holiday Mondays from 10 am to 4 pm.  Here’s more information -
    - The “Round the Peaks Drive” is a 43-mile trip over well-maintained gravel roads that circles the base of the San Francisco Mountains.  This link will give you all the details you need about this beautiful journey -
- Finally, if you looking for a four-legged critter to help you find autumn in the Coconino National Forest that surrounds Flagstaff, we highly recommend the great wranglers at the Hitchin’ Post Stable along Lake Mary Road -

Other nearby Flagstaff attractions:
- Museum of Northern Arizona:
-The Arboretum at Flagstaff –
-Walnut Canyon National Monument –
-Sunset Crater National Monument –
-Wupatki National Monument –
-Desert View Watchtower –

    - On your way west down I-40, take the time and stop at the Grand Canyon Deer Farm.  This animal sanctuary has been open for over 40-years and will be a delightful stop for anyone who loves to get real close to many friendly, hoofed animals -

    - Williams, Arizona is a fine place to go looking for the foliage of autumn.  Bill Williams Mountain is the western most Arizona mountain peak about 9000 feet.  A dirt road and a pair of good hiking trails lead through the aspen trees to the summit -
    - Mountain Ranch Stables is a great place to find that wilderness trail ride while in Williams.  Their well-mannered trail horses will take you into the fall beauty of the Kaibab National Forest.  Everyone gets a kick out of meeting the ranch’s “Smilin’ horse”! 
    - Riding the trains of the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams to the South Rim is always a memorable experience but even more so with the colors of autumn decorating the forest.
    - And now that Bearizona has opened on the eastern edge of Williams, this small mountain town with crisp, clear air makes for a great fall get-a-way -

Other nearby Williams attractions:
- Seligman Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In
-Follow the path of Route 66 Fun Run from Seligman to Oatman –
- Visit Grand Canyon Caverns –
-Hike to the Village of Supai –

    - Kingman, Arizona was established as a railroad town way back in 1882.  Hollywood cowboy legend Andy Devine grew up here and Route 66 becomes Andy Devin Blvd as it passes through town. Most folks just pass through Kingman on their way to Las Vegas.  But the Route 66 Museum, the Army Airfield Museum and the Mohave Museum of History and Arts are all worth discovering.
    Kingman brags that it is the “Heart of Historic Route 66” and it just might have the rights to that claim.  At an elevation of 3,300 feet, the climate is almost perfect during the fall of the year.
    - Skywalk is just 70 miles from Kingman.  And even though everyone seems to be fighting about the road leading there, it is an amazing rush to “Walk on the Sky” some 4000 feet above the floor of the Grand Canyon -
    - The “Living Ghost Town” of Chloride, Arizona is only 23 miles from Kingman and it has some of the strangest artwork found in Arizona just 1.5 miles east of town.  Known as the Chloride Murals, these granite boulders were painted by artist Roy Purcell in 1966.  You will need a high clearance vehicle to drive to the site and a 4-wheel drive chariot is even better -

 Other nearby Kingman attractions:
 - Route 66 Museum -
- Army Airfield Museum -
- Mohave Museum of History and Arts -
-Oatman, Arizona

    - Northwestern Arizona is also the northern gateway to Arizona’s Colorado River cities.  Traveling south down Az Highway 95 you can enjoy the river cities of Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City and Parker.  All offer opportunities to boat on the river and to check out the incredible bird migration that happens each autumn along the flyway.  And if you stay on Highway 95 long enough, you will pass that ol’ Bouse Fisherman again and arrive back with Hi Jolly in ol’ Quartzsite.
    Northwestern Arizona has much to offer and many treasures to see.  It contains the highest mountains in Arizona and the lowest lands along the once mighty Colorado River.  So, this time of year is perfect to get out and discover all this part of Arizona has to offer!

Beautiful Harts Prairie

Harts Prairie

Snow Bowl

On Top of Arizona!

Williams, Arizona

Bearizona, Williams, Arizona

Snow Cap, Seligman, Arizona

Grand Canyon Caverns

Williams, Arizona

Sky Walk

Downtown Chloride, Arizona

Chloride Murals

London Bridge, Lake Havasu City

Hitchin' Post Stables, Flagstaff

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