Sunday, October 19, 2014

Birds-eye View of Arizona

     Enjoy seeing Arizona from the view point of a bird!  The photos you see here were taken by Bob Copen, a neighbor and friend.  We hope  you enjoy this unique and amazing view of Arizona!

       The natural grandeur of Arizona is most often enjoyed while traveling down one of the many highways or roads that crisscross our deserts, canyons and mountains.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to have the window seat of a jet airliner, yet viewing Arizona from 3,000 feet is usually short on details.  But if you have the financial resources and are willing to deal with your nerves, getting to know Arizona from the perspective of a highflying bird is truly an awesome visual experience.
    Getting that birds-eye view of Arizona can happen in many ways.  Anthem resident Robert J. Copen, Major USA, Retired, was able to hitch a ride on a Black Hawk helicopter with the Arizona National Guard during one of the Guard’s missions to northern Arizona.  Through the open door of the “gunner seat”, Major Copen was able to capture the incredible pictures of Arizona shown with our story while flying at 3000 feet over Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Flagstaff and Sedona.
    For most Arizonans getting that birds-eye view of our great state comes by means of one of the many private air-tour companies scattered around the state.  Westwind Air Service is such a company located near Anthem at Deer Valley Airport.  These folks can fly your family and friends over and to Arizona’s most spectacular destinations.  They can even arrange flights into Sonora, Mexico as well as to Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands and Arches National Parks in Utah.  Flights around Arizona begin at $299/person.
    Some Arizonans will choose to soar with the birds by way of hot air balloons.  Hot Air Expeditions is another local company located near Deer Valley Airport.  Fodor’s Travel has rated Hot Air Expeditions the “Best Balloon Flight in Phoenix” for the past 19 years! Since hot air balloons can glide just above the ground or a few hundred feet above the ground, the views and photo opportunities from these air machines are unmatched and unlimited.  Flights begin at $179/person.
    So as we move from the heat of summer and into the wonderful coolness that comes back each fall, let us suggest you consider getting out and taking a look at Arizona from a bird’s point of view.  Be sure to take your camera for what you will see can best be described as breathtaking and glorious! 

Monument Valley

Notice structure known as Totem Pole in upper left.

Agatha Peak just outside Monument Valley

Boats on Lake Powell

Rainbow Bridge from the air

Marina at Lake Powell, Paige, Arizona

Glen Canyon Dam

Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam

Marble Canyon Bridge

Old and new bridge at Marble Canyon

Highway 89A crosses Colorado River at Marble Canyon.

San Francisco Peaks

Switchbacks coming out of Oak Creek Canyon near Flagstaff

Beautiful Sedona

Chimney Rock in Sedona

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