Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pet Friendly Sedona

    Sedona is known worldwide for its beautiful red rock scenery, its New Age vortexes and a whole array of fine lodging and dining.  What is less well known is that Sedona is also a pet-friendly town as well.  Yep, your four-legged friend can join the family in havlng a really good time in this Arizona high country paradise.
    In the 2013-2014 Official Sedona Visitor Guide ( ), 47 hotels are listed in the Sedona, West Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and Village of Oak Creek communities.  Twenty of those 47 hotels are pet friendly and there are some pretty impressive places on that welcoming list.  How about L’Auberge de Sedona, the Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa and the Hyatt Pinion Pointe and Enchantment – where ol’ Fido is welcomed to spend the night at all of these amazing places.  So too are pets welcome at Sky Ranch, the Best Western Inn of Sedona and the Orchards Inn.  Many choices with varied price ranges can make your pet truly feel like he too is on vacation in this beautiful red rock land. Remember, a well-mannered 4-legged hotel guest is always kept secure on a secure leash for everyone’s enjoyment and safety.  
    Anybody hungry?  Well of the 45-dining establishments listed in the Official Visitor Guide, 26 welcome your pet.  Want to go to Tlaquepaque for a bite?  The “whole family” can sit on the patio of The Secret Garden Cafe and enjoy eating together.  And, if everyone goes to eat at Ken’s Creekside, the whole family can sit on the patio enjoying the views of Oak Creek and red mountains while our pampered pooch selects a meal from “Ken’s Doggie Deck Favorites” menu and receives a complimentary drinking bowl of “cold filtered ice water.”  
    But what can we do with our dog along?  How about a hike on many of the pet friendly trails that are found in Sedona’s city parks and that meander through the surrounding red rock landscape.  Our well-bedded and well-fed friend must always be on a leash while on the trails and we, his humans, must always clean up after nature calls. 
    So if you want to spend a day or even a few days in the beauty of nature, make plans to get out and take your pet along to Sedona.  This town is so pet friendly that all of you can go and enjoy being together in one of Arizona’s great places to visit. 

Bridge to Oak Creek Canyon


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