Sunday, April 27, 2014

Phoenix Urban Fishing Program

     The Arizona Game & Fish Urban Fishing Program is a fun and “yummy way” to spend a spring day fishing without having to make that long drive to the beautiful lakes and streams of northern Arizona.  Sixteen Valley of the Sun urban lakes, stocked with plenty of fish every two weeks, make for a family-friendly fishing adventure. And since you can keep what fish you catch, a frying pan full of fresh fish at the end of the day is always a definite possibility. 
    Four species of fish are stocked into the urban lakes – Channel Catfish, Rainbow Trout, Sunfish and Largemouthed Bass.  Skilled and/or lucky anglers can catch and keep 2 bass, 4 catfish, 4 trout and 10 sunfish each day.  Largemouth Bass must be at least 13 inches in length. Each time the lakes are stocked, they receive about 50 catfish and 75 trout per surface acre. 
    Anglers 14 years and older must purchase a Class U Urban Fishing License.  The cost of this license is $18.50 for both resident and non-resident.  Anglers under 14 do not need a license. A regular Arizona fishing license is NOT VALID at the designated Urban Fishing Program waters.  The Class U license can be purchased from any sporting store or from the Arizona Game & Fish offices on the Carefree Highway.
    Arizona Game & Fish also offers fishing clinics to help fishermen of all ages learn how to fish.  Information about their fishing clinics can be found at
    There are many beautiful parks that surround the lakes of the Urban Fishing Program.  Encanto Park near downtown Phoenix offers a public golf course, picnic grounds and paddleboats for all to enjoy.  Chaparral Lake in Scottsdale and Surprise Lake in Surprise are also great places to spend the day fishing.  Other Arizona communities like Tucson, Lakeside and Sahuarita all have community lakes that are a part of this urban fishing program.
    Fishermen have known for a long time that “goin’ fishing” is just a wonderful way to spend any day.  So why not get out and get involved in the Arizona Game & Fish Urban Fishing Program?  The lakes are well stocked, the parks are well maintained and safe, fishing is for all ages, and you can eat the fish you catch!  It does sound like a good way to spend a spring day!

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