Saturday, June 27, 2015

Red Rock Crossing

     Red Rock Crossing is, according to the good folks around Sedona, the most photographed spot in all of Arizona.  And whether that boast is an absolute fact or not, one thing is certain – Red Rock Crossing is certainly one of the most beautiful places in all the American Southwest.
    Red Rock Crossing is easily accessible and a part of the Crescent Moon Picnic Area which acts as the gateway to this idyllic sanctuary that symbolizes the very spirit of Sedona.  It is here that people from all over the world come to enjoy a family picnic serenaded by the sounds of a babbling stream, come to take their own perfect photos of Oak Creek as it flows in front of magnificent Cathedral Rock, come to cool off or fish in one of the many shallow swimming holes, come to visit the nearby vortex or come simply to enjoy hiking within one of the most picturesque landscapes found anywhere in the world.
    Artists with their canvas upon their easels facing Cathedral Rock are also a common sight.  So too are bridal parties aligning themselves just right so that their first wedding photo features Red Rock Crossing as the backdrop.
    Hollywood long ago discovered Red Rock Crossing. Between 1923 and 1973 some 60 movies used the spectacular beauty of this Arizona oasis as their movie set.  When cowboy movies were America’s passion, Red Rock Crossing was abuzz with film crews and Hollywood legends.
    Cathedral Rock is a holy place to the local Native Americans that once lived in this high desert paradise.  It was a home of their gods and the birthplace of first man and first woman.  Mystical healing powers and cosmic energy are said to be very strong here.
    Any time is the perfect time to get out and visit Sedona’s Red Rock Crossing.  It is a very popular destination so plan to arrive early in the day.  Each season of the year brings a special charm to the land and the warmth of summer is the best time for those who enjoy getting wet as the cool waters of Oak Creek slowly meander by.  Who is to know, Red Rock Crossing just might become your most favorite place too to spend time photographing, relaxing and refreshing in all of Arizona.   

Beautiful Red Rock Crossing, Sedona, Arizona

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