Monday, August 3, 2015

Greer is Certainly Green!

   We were fortunate enough to spend a week in the White Mountain community of Greer.  Greer has had a tremendous amount of rain this summer and the meadows, forest floor and nearby cinder cones are covered with green grasses and wildflowers.  It is truly beautiful!
     We have been going to Greer for some twenty summers now and we have never seen the landscape so lush.  Here are a few pictures showing the beauty of Greer in the Summer of 2015! 
      If you have looking for a cool escape from the Arizona summer heat, go to Greer!
One of the many mountain meadows covered with wildflowers.

The Greer meadow covered with a sea of red thistles.

Clouds and Rainbows

A nearby cinder cone covered in green

Red, volcanic cinder covered with summer grasses

Wildflowers along the backroad to Big Lake

A local crosses the road

Stopping to see if we are going to follow

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